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Ovens Odyssey Stage 10 - Peechelba to Crown Block (Lavis')

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Peter and Jamie headed down this 19.8km reach of lower Ovens River from Peechelba to Lavis'. This stage is within the declared Heritage River section of the Ovens River and is also part of the Warby Ovens National Park.

What can we say about this stage:

- Access is very easy at the upstream entry point at Peechelba, off the end of Frost Road. The Crown land block at Lavis' is more difficult to locate and local knowledge should be sought for access.

- This was a very solid 6hr paddle with almost constant snag negotiation and

Click this Video link to see some of Stage 10

The stats were:

- The 10th stage of the Ovens Odyssey was paddled on the 2nd March 2019

- 19.8 km (Ch:194.5 to Ch:194.5) (note Ch:194.5 = Chainage 194.5 river kilometres downstream from Harrietville Ch:00)

- Time taken 5:50 hrs (lots of snags at low water levels)

- River Gauge Heights - Peechelba (really low!)

- 2 paddlers (Jamie & Pete) 2 kayaks

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