Ovens Odyssey

I kept asking myself, 'Why haven't I paddled the full length of the Ovens River'?  I've been living in the Ovens Valley for more than 20 years and spend a lot of time working, paddling and fishing the Ovens River.  I thought, it's time to paddle the length of the Ovens, from the top of the valley at Harrietville, through to the Murray River.  The aim was to tackle different stages whenever we had the time and right river conditions.  We ultimately completed the full 216 km length over 14 days or stages.   For each stage we have written a brief blog describing the reach and providing a map of the stage, images and a video.  

Go to the Blog Page to read a description and see images of individual stages

This map shows the location of the 14 Stages paddled to complete the 216 km from Harrietville to the Murray River