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Goulburn Grail Stage 9 - Murchison to Arcadia

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Nine of us in 5 boats tackled this stage on a hot New Years Day 2022. There were 100's of campers who were occupying every sandy beach, particularly in the 10 km upstream of Murchison, everyone with a gazebo in the water. If you did want to camp within this reach there is easy public access and plenty of campsites within the streamside reserves.


- The entry point is an informal boat ramp on the upstream/south side of Murchison township. The ramp area provides an easy entry point and there is ample room for turning and parking. Turn off the Murchison-Violet Town Road into Campbells Bend Road and travel south approximately 650 m before turning right into a track that takes you a short distance (~250 m) to the rivers edge.

- The exit point is within the Arcadia Streamside Reserve (Parks Victoria manged reserve and Heritage River), a 350m dirt track entry off the end of Kennedys Road. There is a turn around loop at the end of the track and a sandy beach entry point.


- Date - Saturday 1 January 2022

- Distance 19 km, from Murchison Chainage 336 to Arcadia Chainage 355 (Chainage is the distance downstream from the headwaters at Woods Point)

- Time taken 4:20 hrs (4.4 km/hr), 3:10 hrs paddling (paddling speed approx. 6.0 km/hr)

- River Gauge Height (Goulburn River at Murchison No. 58100) = 0.73 m

- 5 boats, 9 paddlers: Jamie & Jane, Pete & Gin, Ross, Al & Donna, Mick & Clare

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Jan 05, 2022

Great work team! 👍🏼

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