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Goulburn Grail, Stages 5 & 6 - Trawool to Seymour to Mitchellstown Streamside Reserve (SR)

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

These 2 stages were tackled over one weekend in mid April while there was still a bit of flow from irrigation and an environmental flow (fresh) that was being put through the Goulburn Weir down the lower Goulburn River channel.

Stage 5 Trawool Bridge to Seymour (Lions Park)

16 paddlers met at Trawool Bridge on the Saturday morning, having left a couple of cars at Seymour, just 15 minutes up the road. This 23.1km Stage 5 took about 3 hours paddling time, so makes for a great day trip even if you live a little way from Seymour. The river is widening but still offers a bit of flow assistance during the irrigation season. There is a shorter option, about 18km, if you want to pull out at Goulburn River Park, or go the extra 5km and exit from Lions Park. There is good parking and boat ramps at both exit options.

The stats are:

- Date - Saturday 10 April 2021

- Distance 23.1 km, from Trawool Bridge Chainage 233.9 km to Seymour (Lions Park) Chainage 257 km (Chainage is the distance downstream from Woods Point)

- Time taken - paddling time approximately 3:00hrs = 7.7km/hr

- River Gauge Height (Goulburn River at Seymour, Stn. No. 405202) = 1.541m

- 9 boats ,16 paddlers: Jamie and Jane, Gin and Pete, Ross, Mandy, Phil, Bev, Col and Loretta, Alan and Donna, Mick and Clare, Podge and Gonz.

Stage 6 - Seymour (Lions Park) to Mitchellstown Streamside Reserve (SR)

Stage 6 was a bit longer at 30.1km and was tackled by 5 paddlers in relatively fast boats. The river is still flowing well until the last 6km when the water slows as it comes under the backwater influence of the Goulburn Weir / Nagambie Lakes. One highlight of this Stage is passing under the Hume Freeway. I've forever been staring down at that Gouburn River as I've wizzed past at 110km/hr, it was great to paddle through there and get a feel for the character of the river at this point that has been so familiar from above.

Click this Video link to see some of Stage 6

The stats are:

- Date - Sunday 11 April 2021

- Distance 30.1 km, from Seymour (Lions Park) Chainage 257 km to Mitchellstown SR (Streamside Reserve) Chainage 287.1 (Chainage is the distance downstream from Woods Point)

- Time taken 3:50 hrs (7.9 km/hr), about 2:40 hrs paddling (paddling speed approx. 11.3 km/hr)

- River Gauge Height (Goulburn River at Seymour, Stn. No. 405202) = 1.548m

- 4 boats, 5 paddlers: Jamie and Pete, Alan, Ross, Mick.

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